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Do’s and Don’ts Before Taking On a Car Title Loan

Advice for Borrowers of Car Title Loans

1.   DO think carefully and get some advice from a qualified person. Just because a Car Title Loan works for so many people, your circumstances may be different.

2.   DON’T forget that just because you get the loan quickly (which you should) that doesn’t mean Christmas has come early. This is a loan with interest and all loans have to be repaid.

3.   DO your research on the company you are considering taking a car title loan from – is it well established (we are)? Are other people recommending it – as they invariably do for us.

4.   DON’T forget that the point of the loan is to make your finances more secure in the long term. It’s not an excuse to go on a spending spree of unlimited proportions. This is a breathing space which gives you time to rethink your budgeting, see what you can sensibly cut out, and also look for ways of bringing more cash into the pot.

5.   DO make this the time for launching a small neighborhood business. You can go online and see loads of ideas – pick one that doesn’t involve laying out cash to start with – car cleaning, lawn mowing, dog walking, cake baking all come to mind. Now’s the time to be positive.

6.   DON’T forget to see what you can sell and won’t miss. Have you been hanging on to baseball programs, matches, old film magazines – there could well be someone there who’d be willing to pay good money.

7.   OK once you have done everything, the final DON’T is the obvious one – DON’T delay – Do call us up on (626) 771-0414 for your car title loan NOW.

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