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Fast auto title loans in West Covina

Speed and security with car based finance

Ever imagined yourself as the finance director of a multi-million dollar corporation with a fifty storey glass fronted headquarters building overlooking the Hudson River? Just think how he or she would pick up a phone and banks would be rushing to offer vast sums at the blink of an eyelid. Now compare that to the kind of situation that Mr and Mrs Average Joe in High Street America have to face when they find themselves in the need of cash. They find it hard to procure and the process is absolutely anything but speedy.

get cash instantly in West Covina

With the customer in mind

However there is another approach which is best typified by our company. Our car title loans in West Covina are designed with the customer in mind, a customer who needs money in a hurry and doesn’t want to hang around, filling in vast forms, while debts are mounting up and pressures increasing. What happens with auto title loans in West Covina is that as lenders we take the unexpired equity that remains in a privately owned car and that provides us with all the collateral that we require.

Friendly & fast service

Our service is fast and friendly. When you make contact with us either by calling (909) 303-6260 or using the form on this website, you will soon be talking to a member of our loans team. Basically they will want to know two things: the make, model and current condition of your car and of course the amount you want to borrow. The loan amount ranges from $2,600 right up to $20,000 and you may be amazed to learn that getting pre-approved can take just minutes. How’s that for speed!